Monday Morning Happy!

Welcome Back, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I had a fantastic few days filled with family and a weekend catching up with friends I have not seen in months. Sometimes it is so rejuvenating to spend time with close friends, some who at times know you better than you know yourself. There is also news of another baby on the way, which ups the total to 15, yes 15!! 2009 will definitely be filled with posts on nursery decorating and baby gift buying! Congrats Kourtney K. C.!

Can you believe the New Year is just a few days away? This week I will post until Wed. than take a few days to enjoy the celebration! The picture above is a lovely corner I have been saving for just this occasion!

The "Cute Picture of the Week" comes from Mercedes and her adorable puppy Chloe. I can't help but to smile when I look at this picture. As Chloe lays on her back, no doubt getting a belly rub, she looks to be completely pleased with herself! Ahh the simple joys of life!
Have a great week and enjoy the New Year

(image from Point Click Home)

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