Monday Morning Happy

Happy New Week! I am very much looking forward to a few extra days off during the next 2 weeks not to mention all the presents I plan to give and maybe receive!! How was your weekend? If you live in the NE or the Midwest or the NW (it seems like everyone got snow....) how did you manage?
We got about 9" here in the city, the picture above was taking on Sunday afternoon during the second storm. I was sitting on the floor in the living room trying to think of all the positive points of living in the city. This was after shoveling my car out for the 3rd time but I decided to close my eyes and remember all the things I love, for instance summers on the back deck like the picture below! Another positive is I tend to get a lot done while stuck inside - moving all the furniture in the LR created a brand new feel for the winter and baking cookies filled the house with a sweet smell. Many great stories can come out of winter storms, a friend described a warm scene of neighbor helping neighbor dig out their cars on a city street, talking and getting to know one another!

The Cute Picture of the Week is a photo I have had on my fridge for 5 years now. Winston is my friend Kathy's dog and he is just adorable! He celebrated his 5th Birthday last week and since it is such a nice winter picture I thought I would keep it posted for this week too! If you are a dog lover you grab your cup of coffee and check out this video, it will be a nice Monday Morning Break!
Enjoy the week

summer time deck...

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