Watch it, Frame!

During the day I sometimes need to give myself a "time out". During these mini breaks I tend to hop on the internet and let it take me wherever it may. For instance today I started on Cottage Living's website, which took me to this fun, modern site called Trendir. Look what I found, this VERY cool tv stand. I am loving it!!! From Emmei comes the Teatronuovo Swivel Stand which encompasses a flat screen in a frame like stand. It almost looks like it is floating until you see the shelf which stores the cable box. The swivel base is also a nice added option. The sleekness is refreshing and the style unique. Personally I like the black version and could see it used in many styled homes. It is also available in white and the silver bronze which might be a bit strange as it gives off a mirror feel. Imagine actually watching yourself watching television? Not sure about that, but to have a tv stand like this I could make it work!

(images from Trendir)

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