A look into Pier 1

This weekend I did a little scouting over at Pier 1 Imports. To be honest I forget about this store until a catalog arrives in the mail and reminds me to take a peak. Their focus seems to be very Moroccan and Mediterranean these days but there were still a few pieces I found interesting so I will share!

The teal drum lamp is impressive at $50. The curved cast iron base and silk teal shade creates a sexy feel and would be a great color compliment with many color schemes.

The Orange and Brown Floral Window Panels were fairly hefty which I like for the winter. Of course we are seeing orange again which is ever so trendy right now but as I always say put the trend on the window as it is easier to switch out later! These are $35. They also had a great pair of deep chocolate tone on tone floral sheers for $25 which I wanted to scoop up but decided to wait on, unfortunately they don't show them on the website.

The Hana is the piece I saw in the catalog which prompted me to go into the store. It is a very low entertainment unit and quite compact, which is something I have been scouting for. It is not the most sturdy but for $199 (on sale, even better!) it will make do for a few years. What attracted me to the piece is the cut out floral design on the doors. Most Entertainment Units have glass or solid doors which are not always very interesting. These Asian inspired doors give off a creative feel and one I would not mind sitting the tv on. It becomes an interesting piece of furniture as opposed to a block of wood who's only purpose is the sit the tv. Plus it would be multi purpose in nicely hiding stacks of a magazines!!

The purchase I did leave with and almost always leave with when I go into a Pier 1 is the Buttercream Vanilla Candles. I absolutely love the scent, when I light them in the house and have guests over they always ask what I am baking! Since I am feeling the fall in the air I also purchase an Ember Candle which is a fantastic mix of cinnamon, orange and nutmeg!

(all images from Pier 1 Imports)

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