Feel the room

Often when I am designing a room one of the goals is to feel something without even knowing it. Each room is a story and should create a feeling, some type of emotion and these are 2 perfect examples!

How sweet is this room! I just came back from a short road trip to visit 2 friends and play with their kids! Of course as I am returning home all I can think about are all types of rooms from babies (I know 7 newbies this year) all the way up to the 6 yr old who is finding her own style. It really is amazing to see a little girl come into her own and especially one who you can tell has the creative bug already. I just look at her following me around the house, changing her clothes to dress like me and I think wow her possibilities are endless! Instead of fashionable she uses the phrase "fashion".....mom you look fashion she says! How adorable!

As soon as I saw this room in the new Pottery Barn Kids catalog I tore out the page. I can just see it in a beach house. All the kids beds lined up so perfectly. I love the fact they are similar but have their own identity, very important. I can imagine their memo boards filling up with memories of their summer at the beach. Invitations to parties, seashells, movie stubs, silly drawings and maybe even a picture of the cute boy next door who they all have a summer crush on! If you look close at the photo it looks like the picture was taken from the outside of the house with the siding exposed. Very Cool. It makes me want to set up a breezy beach house bedroom! Everything seems more carefree at the beach, doesn't it?

This babies room is ADORABLE and very handsome! It might be too mature for some but I just love it. I don't believe every babies room needs to be so cutsey than again I am not really the cutsey type so it makes sense that I gravitate to this look. I love the bold stripe on the wall the lime green, pale blue and chocolate compliment each other so well. The dark furniture is just fabulous and the simplicity of the rug is perfect. This is really one of those rooms a baby can grow into. The clean fresh feeling of the simple bedding, sheers and rocker are perfect for that soothing atmosphere a baby needs!
(images taken from Pottery Barn Kids Catalog)

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